A busy Tokyo street at night.

Every now and again I’ll see some list on some travel site about the good and bad things about living in Japan. …

Various figures drawn in pencil, scanned from a sketchbook.
Random sketches from my sketchbook that are about as unfinished as everything I’ve ever done.

“Make sure you have a backup plan.”

In some contexts, that’s reasonable advice. But it’s taken me about three decades to understand that it’s a concept that took my life in all sorts of wrong directions.

It was something my father said, but not like in a movie scene where…

Scene from the movie “Good Will Hunting” of Will looking at a chalkboard.
(Image owned by Miramax films, used without permission, please don’t sue me.)

Good Will Hunting is a terrible movie for all sorts of reasons, but I find the fundamental premise particularly toxic. It’s something that hits me on a deeper level, because I’m basically the person that the fantasy of Good Will Hunting is supposed to appeal to.

I grew up in…

… by a man.

A man explaining something.

“You see, the thing you need to know about Japan is…”

I didn’t hear the rest of what the guy was saying. You know how you blink a couple times because your brain needs to catch up with the reality of a moment? …

A blank spiral bound notebook with a pencil laying on top.
(Photo by Ashley West Edwards on Unsplash)

I have a drawing, a story, a project, a thing, anything, one of many many things I want to work on. I’m sitting down, I’m at my computer, I have my pen and pencil and sketchbook and whatever else I need and I’m ready to go. Time to start.


Godzilla faces off with King Kong in Hong Kong.
Last time I was in Hong Kong, I don’t remember it looking like a set from the movie Tron. This does look rad, though. (All images used in this article are copyright Warner Bros., Toho, and/or some other massive conglomerate media empire. Used without permission, please don’t sue me.)

(No spoilers that could impact anything, partly because this movie is so devoid of any meaningful structure that it’s not really possible to spoil anything.)

Did I miss something? Were there a bunch of other movies made in this cinematic universe that I didn’t see?

A woman sitting on a beach at sunset.

“He said he wants to maybe retire on a beach in Thailand with me,” says my friend over lunch. Out of context, it sounds like a pleasant enough idea. But she’s not thrilled about it.

“It’s so weird that he included me in that fantasy. As if I’m just an…

This is still the way, but there are a few bumps in the road

Mandalorian carrying baby Yoda on his back.
The relationship that makes the show. (Image copyright Disney, used without permission, please don’t sue me.)

(Big spoilers included. Don’t read this until you’ve watched the show. Which you should, because it’s pretty great.)

The second season of Mandalorian is, overall, great, and arguably better than the first season. There are issues, and I’m a little worried that they’ve set themselves up for a disappointing third…

Just a memoir of a thing that happened one time

A woman in high heels sitting on a bench outside.

Morphine is the fucking best. Can’t recommend it enough.

I’ve been prescribed morphine three or four times in my life. One time was Demerol, which I think is a form of morphine, but I’m not up on all the particulars. …

How Diana Prince Got Her Groove Back… Without Consent

Close up of Diana Prince looking concerned and confused.
“Wait, am I the baddie?” (Image copyright DC comics and Warner Brothers. Used without permission, please don’t sue me.)

(Major spoilers. This is not the kind of review that helps you decide if you should watch a movie, this is for people who’ve seen it and are wondering if everyone else is as disturbed as they are. …

Dave Gutteridge

I write mainly about how my life falls apart, followed by opinions about shows that usually involve super heroes, and occasionally other random things.

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